Running Tours Hamburg gives you a guided running sightseeing tour around Hamburg. Select one of our eight tours if you want to explore Hamburg in a unique and healthy way.


Whether you´re in Hamburg for business and need some exercise or tourist that wants runs like the locals we will find the perfect pace and route for you!


Included in the tour are photos of you at some of Hamburg’s most beautiful and (in)famous sites, a great local guide who will give you recommendations on the best sights, sounds and flavours of beautiful Hamburg. You will also learn about the surprising and sometimes scandalous history of our amazing city and maybe even catch some of the latest gossips. Take a look around our site to learn more about our different tours, or book now by sending us an email on, using the booking request form or chat below!

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All running tours start near the route. Easy public transportation access to the start and end locations are guaranteed. Our team will suggest a convenient meeting point, but we can also arrange a pickup and drop off from a selection of hotels in Hamburg



Each of the tours we offer cost 25€ for each participating runner.


Winter, spring, summer or fall - our running tours are offered all year round and (almost) whenever you want! We aim to be as flexible as possible so just reach out and we will most likely be able to accommodate any wish you have.

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Here’s a few reasons why you should join a running tour with us:


  • Running is healthy and fun!

  • Just 25€ per person!

  • It’s a great way to get introduced to Hamburg!

  • It increases your heart rate!

  • It’s a memorable and unique experience!

  • Running tours bookable year round!





Classic Alster Run (7,9 km)

For sure one of the most attractive and popular running routes you will find in Germany if not the world. The route takes you around the Outer Alster Lake and you get to pass some of the most famous spots in Hamburg and maybe see a celebrity or two during the run. This run is simply stunning during all seasons and around the clock.

Elb River Run I (7,7 km)

This run takes us close to Hamburg’s main waterway, the Elbe river, which is one of the major waterways of Europe. Explore this mighty river and the ​impressive​ ship ​traffic on​ this exciting ​route​ from the small harbour in Övelgönne to the picturesque village ​of ​Blankenese.

We currently ​offer eight ​running tours across Hamburg. Each tour offers a unique experience of the city and all the routes are suitable for ​running​ throughout the year. If this is your first running tour in Hamburg we would recommend ​you​ to try our classic Alster Run.

Elb River Run II (8,5 km)

Similar to Elb River Run I this run also takes us close to the Elbe river. The starting point is in Blankenese and we set the direction to the northernmost of the 16 states of Germany, Schlwesig Holstein always with the river in sight. Highly recommend run in the evening or early mornings!

HafenCity Run (7,0 km)

Our Run through the HafenCity is a run through a utopian cityscape built into the Elbe river. The tour takes us through an outstanding urban development project on the waterfront and takes us past some architectural highlights such as the Elbbrücken, Elbphilharmonie and the St. Pauli Piers.

Planten un Blomen Run (6,4 km)

One of the highlights of Hamburg and also perfect for a run ​at ​any time of the year. This ​route takes​ us through H​amburg’s popular urban park, ​Planten un Blomen (Plants and Flowers), which is situated right in the center of Hamburg.

Airport Run (8,6 km)

One of our own favorite runs! If you are in to plane spotting, and like the airport atmosphere, this is your run! You are guaranteed to see multiple planes taking off and landing when you take on this thrilling airport run! We will also wind through the woods and along scenic nature spots.



Hamburg Harbour Run (6,5 km)

This tour is only available from May-August and only bookable Saturday and Sunday and a short transfer with the ferry is needed. Meeting and end point is at the ferry in Övelgönne where we quickly cross the Elbe with a ferry and then the tour can start.


Suburb Run (8,8 km)

Just a few ​kilometers​ from the city center awaits a route that will  take us through a beautiful natural recreation area, allotment gardens  and along the ​quintessential​ Hamburg steam. Definitely a insider tip to discover the r​eal Hamburg locals fall in love with, off the tourist paths. The starting point for this run is where the red metro line ends (Niendorf Nord).


Each of the eight tours we offer costs 25€ per runner and this is no minimum group size. You can pay up front or after the run. 


Depending on our pace each run will take about 50-80 min.


Normally we would arrange a place to meet and then start the run from there. However we also offer a personal pick up service for a number of hotels in the city center. This includes: Radisson Blu, Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, SIDE Design Hotel, Marriot Hotel Hamburg, Grand Elysée Hamburg, Hotel Atlantic, Das TORTUE, The George Hotel, Le Méridien Hamburg, Europäischer Hof, The Fontenay, Scandic Emporio, Louis C. Jacob, Fraser Suites, Baurs Park Hotel, Hotel Behrmann, Strandhotel Blankenese and many more.

Upon request and additional costs a pick up at the Cruise Centers in Altona and Hafencity can be arranged.


Your running guide speaks German, English and Danish.







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